ING has been the main sponsor of SAIL Amsterdam, the world’s largest nautical event, for 40 years.

In 2010, BrandBase dreamt up and built the Pirate Island for ING. In 2015, BrandBase developed another activation campaign: ‘Naval heroes explore the world’. This included a travelling Naval Heroes exhibition which visited five neighbourhoods in the Netherlands where the streets bear the names of Dutch naval heroes. The ‘flagship’ event was the ING Naval Heroes island located on the ‘centre court’ of SAIL Amsterdam. This featured numerous activities for children and, in the evenings, DJs, a gin tonic bar and catering to keep the adults happy.

The place where it all came together was the ING Sea Hero Island, the ‘centre court’ of SAIL Amsterdam

Children were handed out an activity booklet with a little compass to guide them around all of the activities, including folding little paper sailboats, knot tying, compass reading, learning a thing or two about spices, face painting and lots of other exciting activities. In addition, each night had a programme with a DJ and our own gin and tonic bar. To promote the ING Sea Hero Island, we made a map spread for the Telegraaf newspaper SAIL supplement.

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